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Tommy the owner called today (Tuesday) after seeing my yelp review. He went above and beyond to take care of the issue. When you encounter a problem with a business most don't take care of the issue but Tommy did. So for that I'm updating from initial review and giving 5 stars. Thanks Tommy Ok so I called these guys last Thursday to schedule an appointment to get my garage door looked at. I asked a couple times how much it would cost and the girl told me $50.00 an if it needed repairs the $50.00 is applied towards it. So they scheduled me for Saturday between 2-4. Well 4 o'clock rolls around and no call and no service guy. So I call them up and they tell me they should of let me know the guy is running late. When the guy gets here he does a good job and gets it fixed. Charges me 62.95. I ask what the 12.95 is for and he says gas. I asked the girl multiple times if there were any other charges and she said just the 50.00. So I called to complain and the guy who answered said he'd check the recording of the call and call me back. Well he called and said I was right the girl never mentioned the gas fee and he'd have the owner call me. Well haven't heard back from the owner so don't think id use them again for hiding the costs and not communicating well on any end.