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Opener mechanism failed Saturday, would only open half way. Found these guys on Yelp due to the great reviews, they were my first call. I was not having a garage door failure emergency, so I did not ask for immediate or same day service. We set up an appointment for Sunday morning (awesome!!). Setting up the appointment was easy and the gal that made my appointment was so very nice. Fast forward to the next day, Sunday. Tim (service tech) calls 0745hrs, lets me know he's on the way and he will be here by 0800hrs. He arrives on time as promised. He quickly diagnoses the problem as a failure of the gear drive in the main unit, which he proceeds to replace. He also tightened the springs and lubed all rollers. The door is once again working perfectly and it's ready to go up and down 6 to 12 times a day as we get back to our normal routines. Tim gave me a new 'A1 contact information sticker' which I promptly installed over the other companies sticker on my door so the next time I need help with my garage door, i will know who to call. I am very happy with the service from this company - highly recommended.