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I originally called a different company to come take a look at my garage door, and it was difficult to schedule an appointment time since they closed by 5 pm, and I have a full work week that goes all day. I had to wait over a week until I found a decent time that fit with my schedule, which left me with parking my car in the driveway for a few weeks. After finally receiving a quote, I decided to contact A1 for another quote. Impressively, I was able to have someone come out that same day, since service calls go until midnight. I had to have my entire garage door replaced since the two top panels were cracked. The price of the new door also included a new spring and rollers. The quote I received from the other place came with a plain white door. A1 was able to have my door painted in Phoenix to match the color scheme I had in the neighborhood (you never want to upset the HOA gods), and even had the door shipped to Tucson over the weekend. I was even given a price that blew the out guys out of the water, with a 10-year warranty! My new garage door was installed in 1.5 hours, and I was confident that I was in good hands. I was completely satisfied with my professional and excellent service. If you ever experience any garage door issues, be sure to contact A1! 🙂