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We had a spring snap on our garage door on Friday afternoon, and so I took to Yelp to find someone to (hopefully) get it fixed for us. I've had previous good experiences with companies I'd found on here so when I saw their review score I gave them a call. I was able to get someone out later that day to replace our spring, which on a Friday before a holiday weekend was an incredible relief to me. Jose called me to let me know when he was on his way, and showed up within the 20 minutes he told me that it would be. He took a look at what was going on and when he recommended two springs he explained the benefits of two springs vs one, and that you get a longer life out of them rather than just the one. He also let me know that whoever had replaced our door prior to us owning the home had just kind of half-assed it on screwing in the brackets and they were pretty wobbly. He tightened everything up and made sure everything was working great, which it was. But my story doesn't stop here. Because of the awesome new springs having more tension than our sad old garage door opener could handle, the opener started giving us issues. I had initially thought the motor was burnt out (this is relevant, trust me) so I went up to Home Depot to get a new opener and was going to just have them install it. I know I know installing an opener isn't that hard but it's hot as crap out and I would just rather have a professional do it. Anyway I'm at Home Depot and I'm trying to get this incompetent woman that seems to have wandered over from appliances and it was her first day ever using a computer to both ring up my opener (and free fan attachment :D) and set up the install. Reading is apparently not a skill she does well and after about 30-40 minutes (not exaggerating it seriously took her that long to figure it out) when I ask her if they can do it today I get "probably not, it's after 4." Then I asked her WHEN and she said they'd "probably" call me Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday because of the holiday. I'm like so are you telling me that they only work Monday through Friday, during business hours? And she nods her head. I'm like of course, you know because people don't work or anything. My friend that was with me asked me who came out to fix the spring and I told her the company name and within 5 minutes she had them on the phone and was giving them my info to schedule someone to come out the next day to install it. Once again, Jose came out to the house - he was actually able to fit us in early due to a cancellation. Seriously. On a Sunday. The day before the 4th of July. I was so thrilled with this. It did take a few hours to get the opener installed & programmed, but that wasn't any fault of his, we bought one of those Ryobi openers with the modules and I guess they're pretty new because he said he'd never installed one before. But he made sure he got it done and that everything worked. Both times when he wrote up the invoice he showed it to us and went through all the charges so we knew exactly what we were paying for. Now hopefully I don't have to have him back out for a very long time. So if you do buy an opener from Home Depot don't even bother with their install services. With the $12 fuel charge A1 charges it's only $30 more than what Home Depot wants for an install and they will actually work with YOUR schedule rather than the other way around.