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The owner of A1 reached out to me because I was dissatisfied with the price we were charged. He was very professional and you can tell he really cares about the reputation of his company. He explained that A1 uses high quality parts which contributes to the higher price for parts compared to other companies. However, he did state that we were charged more than we should have been because since we were buying multiple parts the technician should have given us a bundled price instead of charging individually for parts. He said that the work that was performed should have actually cost about $475 and he refunded the money we paid above that amount. He also stated that A1 will not be the cheapest company you can find to repair your garage door, but it's because they perform background tests and drug tests on all their technicians and use the higher quality parts. I am now satisfied with our service, but I do wish we had been charged the correct price the first time around. Since the technicians work on commission, customers should be vigilant that they are being charged the correct price. I at least feel confident in stating that if you do hire this company, they will not be the kind to cut and run if you are dissatisfied. They will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with their service.